Welcome to The Knot Collective. In this space I'm going to share some fun & creative crafts for you and also a little bit of what I am passionate about. Enjoy!


 So i have this amazing craft tool available in my store called the LOOME. It has so many uses and can create pom poms, friendship bracelets, tassels - the list goes on! I have created this 5 Pom Pom DIY crafts for you, so you can get creating as soon as you receive your LOOME!

5 Pom Pom DIY crafts

Small Crochet Basket - FREE Pattern

To give you a little sneak peak into what my pattern's look like i'm sharing this FREE pattern on how to make a crochet basket. Good luck! - and don't forget to tag me in all your finished products on Instagram @theknot_collective

FREE crochet basket pattern