Hello! My name is Amy, the owner & creative behind The Knot Collective. I live in Sydney, in the very busy Inner West. I used to have a very busy, non-stop life. Working full time, being a mum to two little girls, living/commuting so close to the city, I was always rushing!! I decided I need to find an outlet & find a little bit of calm in my life. 

After studying & then working in the fashion industry for 12 years I already had some knowledge of knitting and decided to explore more crafts such as crochet, macrame, weaving and arm knitting. I instantly fell in love, made a decision to slow things down, work part time, and soon after The Knot Collective was born.

The Knot Collective focuses on workshops. I want to pass my knowledge & skills on, I want people to re-connect with themselves and find the joy of working and creating something with their own two hands.

I source high quality products and always choose sustainable products when possible. 

I look forward to meeting you at one of my work shops!

Amy xx